Intrepid Property Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Columbia, SC

What Others Say…

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You were able to give more than I got another offer for, you were very speedy, and you were able to give some proceeds before closing to help with moving

Testimonial: Zolea
- Zolea

Columbia, SC

You pulled me out of a mess

Testimony: Eric
- Eric

Columbia, SC

I was happy to find someone who was interested in bringing her (my house) back to life.

Testimony: Mrs. Alice
- Mrs. Alice

Columbia, SC

Louis (on us purchasing his Mother in Law's Property)

Great company to deal with! Very easy to work with and helpful. Ted went above and beyond guiding us through the process of selling our house. If you need to sell your house, look no further.- Louis

- Louis (on us purchasing his Mother in Law's Property)

Irmo, SC

You were nice, professional, and I trust you! -Susan

Testimony: Mrs. Susan
- Susan D.

Columbia, SC

Y’all did a really good job (at making it convenient)

Testimonial Thomas
- Thomas

Columbia, SC

“I couldn’t have asked for an easier process

Mary Testimonial
- Mary

Columbia, SC

After we signed the agreement we closed in less than 30 days

Testimonal   Anita
- Anita

Columbia, SC

When I met with you guys I knew you were straight shooters…

I didn’t feel like I was being pushed…

Testimony Mitch
- Mitch

Columbia, SC

I think these guys are the most honest people that you are going to meet in this business.

Kevin Testimonial
- Kevin

Columbia, SC